How to Deal With Your Emails

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There’s a couple of ways to deal with your emails: using us to host them, or using a third party like Microsoft Exchange Online or Google’s gSuite. The right option for you will depend on whether you want to pay or you’re happy to look at advertising on the side of your emails. If you host them with us we’ll set you up with the free version of Microsoft Outlook Online. You long in there using your email and password. When you receive and email it passed through our servers and goes straight that login. If you want to add more email address, you get in touch with us and we can add them for you. It’s free, but there’s advertising on the right hand side of the email screen. If you choose a third part solution then when you receive and email it will bypass our servers completley and go stright to them. You will have full control to add and remove email accounts yourself. This system also has the added benefit of being able to sync with a desktop version of an email program such as Microsoft Outlook. You’ll have to pay the third party whatever they charge to use this system. Both options will get you unlimited emails and unlimited email addresses all accessiable from any computer or phone that has an internet connection. It’s up to you what option you want.