What Kind of Site Do You Want?

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There’s a lot to consider when thinking about what kind of site you want. The best thing to do is to look at other sites such as competitors, other local businesses or other sites that we’ve built to see what you like the look of. This will help me understand exactly what’s in your mind. Some other key considerations are:
  • Do you want a single page site like thewebsiteshop.co.nz or a multipage site like cmed.co.nz? It all depends on how much content you have. Too much content will make a single page site look cluttered. Not enough will make a multipage site look empty.
  • Do you have some good quality photos of your business or products? They need to be big enough so you can view them full screen on your computer without looking grainy.
  • Do you want to sell products online or simply offer information to visitors? A site that sells product is more complex and requires more setup and more maintenance, so it costs more. You’ll have to make sure it’s worth it for you.
When you get in touch I can talk through all the options for you and help you figure what will work.